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The Down’s Syndrome Association’s theme for Awareness Week this year is “connect”.

So we thought we’d celebrate all the ways the Support Group helps our families stay connected. Click on the photos below for more information…

Start young...

The Support Group is a great way to meet other families

Meeting others on a similar journey often paves the way for valuable friendships, not just for those with Down's syndrome, but for parents and siblings too. Celebrate and share experiences together, share information & knowledge, and have fun!

Meet other parents

Meet new friends

The Support Group gives parents the valuable opportunity to meet other parents, whether this be by your children being in the same speech therapy session, attending Early Development Group together, or attending our many family events. Other parents can often provide valuble information and experiences to help you support your own child, but they also provide the opportunity to make new friends for yourselves as well as your children

Adapting to the times...

We can still dance!

All of our activities came to a sudden stop last March due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we have adapted and now provide our Dance, Teen Club and Young Adult Groups online so that our youngsters still get to see each other and have fun. We have also provided our Christmas Party & a Magic Show online so that families can still participate together. And we have also been able to raise some vital funds by organising several online quizzes. We can't meet in person, but we can still stay connected!

Meet my best friend...

We're great together!

Many of our children met at Support Group events and activities, and have developed important and heart-warming friendships. Would your child like to join our Teen Club or Young Adults Group? Or would they benefit from Speech Therapy or Early Development Group? Would you like to come along to a Coffee Morning when we re-start our activities as social restrictions allow? Then contact us today !

Young Adult Group

Socialising with friends

This social group allows our youngsters to go out with their peers and enjoy a variety of activities. We have continued our sessions online throughout the pandemic to make sure our youngsters can still see their friends and stay connected!

Family Activities

Opportunities for the whole family to stay connected...

We provide many activities for our families including our annual weekend trip to PGL. This enables everyone to have the chance to participate in activities that they may not have tried before, and to have fun together. Last years trip was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we are hoping this year's will be allowed to go ahead as it is always such a great social weekend!

If you would like to join the Support Group so that your family can stay connected, why not contact us today?

If you would like to  help us to continue supporting our families, please make a donation today or contact our fundraising team if you would like to fundraise for us. Many, many thanks!

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