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Early Development Group

The Early Development Group is for preschool children aged 1 – 4 years. Its aim is to provide early intervention to help children to develop to their true potential and to also help parents support their child’s development and education.

The group provides specialist teaching appropriate to the specific learning style of children who have Down’s Syndrome. The children are supported to develop fine and gross motor skills, develop speech and language skills, learn to read, learn their numbers and develop numeracy skills.

It provides vital play opportunities, teaching of appropriate social skills and the opportunity to interact with other children who also have Down’s Syndrome.

It also provides the chance for parents to meet other parents and children who have Down’s Syndrome which can develop invaluable friendships and support.

Sessions are from 1 – 3pm on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month during term time. There is a charge for sessions, but the full costs of running the Development Group are heavily subsidised by the Support Group.

The Early Development Group has been very successful and beneficial to parents and children alike. The Support Group believe it is an ideal opportunity to provide early intervention that is totally devoted to children with Down’s Syndrome and can help parents support their child’s early learning and development and help the children achieve their true potential.

It also provides a fun, social environment with the opportunity for children and parents to make valuable friendships that may continue for years to come.

If you are interested in attending the Early Development Group or would like to know more, please contact us today!

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If you, or a member of your family, has Down's syndrome and you would like to join the Support Group, please contact us today for more information

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