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The Support Group has provided an Education Training Course every year since 2005. The course is for all educational professionals who support pupils with Down’s syndrome. It provides valuable information, strategies and expertise to help professionals support their pupils to attain their true potential and to be happy and learning in their educational setting.

The course is provided by Helen Long, who, as a teacher many years ago, had children who had Down’s syndrome in her class but no specialist training to help her to support them.
Helen later went on to have a daughter who has Down’s syndrome.
Since then Helen has accessed various specialist training regarding the education and development of pupils with Down’s syndrome.
Helen is currently a SENCO and advisory teacher supporting those involved with the education of pupils / students who have Down’s syndrome. She also runs our Early Development Group and was a trustee and chairman of the Support Group for many years.

The course focuses on theory and practice and delegates over the years have found it extremely useful. They have commented on the advantages of Helen having a range of roles and experiences to draw upon and the advice being realistic and practical.

Outline of the 2020 Course

This course is suitable for all staff including SENCOS and INCOS.
It is recommended that class teachers and TAs attend together.

The course consists of 4 Sessions:

  1. Overview

    What is Down’s syndrome, what is the typical learning profile of a person who has Down’s syndrome, common areas of difficulty, strategies to support your pupil, accessing the curriculum, working in partnership with colleagues, others.

  2. Literacy

    Teaching reading, reading to develop talking, writing, recording information, expressive language.

  3. Maths

    Including developing an individual Maths programme for your pupil.

  4. Behaviour and social development

    Including PHSE and personal care

All sessions include opportunities for discussion and practical tasks. Delegates can bring copies of pupil’s EHCP, individual programmes, IEP / provision map / Send Support Plan and any other related paperwork to sessions in order to get the most from them.


Comments from delegates:

  • “I found every week a valuable lesson”
  • “Discussions with others very helpful”
  • “Video clips very informative”
  • “Lots of good ideas for literacy”
  • “Loved the idea of using Numicon”
  • “Lots of good practical advice”
  • “Very informative. Helpful to hear it from a parent’s point of view as well as from a SENCO’s point of view”

This really is a great way for educational professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills thus providing the best support for their pupils!

If you are an educational professional who would be interested in attending the course, if you are a parent who thinks their child’s school would be interested in attending, or if you have any queries, please contact us today!

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