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Speech Therapy

The Support Group has provided Group Speech Therapy for our families since May 2005, when it was felt that there was an urgent need for the provision of Speech Therapy specifically tailored to the needs of our children.

Every year, since then, many families have taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity to help develop and support their child’s speech and language development.

Speech therapy sessions last for 45 minutes and are held on Saturday mornings during term time. The Sessions are weekly for school children and fortnightly for preschool children. The sessions provide group speech therapy with 2- 4 children in a group (we do not provide individual speech therapy sessions).

There is a charge for sessions payable in advance for the whole term, but all sessions are heavily subsidised by the Support Group.

Therapy focuses on developing:

  • Attention & listening skills
  • Understanding & use of language
  • Speech sound production
  • Oral motor skills
  • Social skills

Other Benefits Include:

  • Learning to read to promote speech and language development
  • The provision of ‘target specific’ activities to practice at home and to use in daily situations
  • Meeting other families
  • Providing the opportunity for the children and the parents to make lasting friendships

Speech and language skills are vital for so many aspects of life for our children including their education and social lives and so we are delighted to be able to offer speech therapy sessions for our families.

If you are interested in attending our speech therapy sessions or you have any queries, please contact us today.

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