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Project Linus  UK very kindly donated  a large number of quilts to us to distribute to our members. Project Linus  UK is a national network of volunteers who make beautiful ‘Linus’ quilts which are given as gifts to sick, disabled, distressed or traumatised children, living in the volunteers local areas.

A Linus quilt is a handmade quilt, designed to provide warmth, comfort and security to a child

Many of our members have now received the quilts. The parents have been amazed at the quality of the handiwork, the kindness of the quilt makers in giving such a gift, and the children, youngsters and adults with Down’s syndrome have loved them!

Parents comments:

The quilt is beautiful, well made and my daughter loves it.

My son and I love the quilt , the quality and feel is so warm thank you so much

It’s gorgeous, please pass on my thanks to the ladies who made it.

The quilt was absolutely lovely

Thank you for the quilt, my daughter loves it, it is very well made and so pretty! Such a lovely thoughtful gift for her.

Oh my goodness, these are absolutely beautiful!

What an amazing thing to do! I’m astounded at some people’s kindness. Please feed back our thanks

Please pass on a million thank you’s from my daughter for her amazing blanket! Its the nicest thing anyone has made for her

The quilt is absolutely lovely, with so much love in every stitch. I’ve placed a couple of drops of lavender in the corners and my son says it’s his happy place. Thank you to the wonderful people who gifted these lovely quilts.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those at Project Linus UK who have donated the quilts to us. We truly appreciate all the hard work, time, effort and skill that has gone in to making these beautiful quilts. We are so grateful for your kind generosity in giving these to us for our children to enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about Project Linus UK, please check out their website

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